Tuesday, April 26, 2011


Saw this awesome VW while waiting for  a traffic light...

Tunnel in Seattle...
Wowie! I feel completely re-charged again: I went to Seattle today with Tif and without spending too much money (in fact, she didn't buy a thing, but I did though...) we had a great time! The weather turned out way better than we had expected so that helped also.

First we drove to Phinney Ridge (in Seattle) and visited Assemble Gallery & Studio: what a great place and they have lots of really different creative classes you can take there. I'm interested in both the 'Carve your own Linoleum Block Stamp' one and also the 'Modern Crocheted Squares' one. I bought this card there...

Since I was the navigator I navigated us to that huge Value Village where G & I went a week and a half ago also. Tif had never been and we had a good time browsing although she was still feeling a bit under the weather. I found two skirts and a top!

The first two fabrics are for the skirts (the top green is my favorite and it looks really retro when you see the whole thing) and the bottom is the fabric of a little fold-away bag from Paperchase UK that Tif gave me.

We stopped by the coolest Mid Century furniture shop on 85th and Greenwood on our way home but they were closed on Tuesdays!!! (what a strange day to be closed don't you think?) Tif and I are going back to Seattle this coming Sunday for the Fremont Market which is close to this place so then we will try again...

We had a cuppa at Tif's place and I made a couple of pictures. Look at these gorgeous Catrineholm pieces:
Since the sun came out here and there we had a little stroll through the garden with her chickens and dogs etc.
What a great day it was! Like I said, I feel re-charged and see new possibilities again!


  1. Wow! What fun. I'm excited too. You got some lovely things. I can't wait to see that MC furniture shop ... will you take photos?

    I love this little blog!

  2. I'm so glad you had a wonderful day and sounds like a ton of fun!!! It's good to do special things for ourselves once in awhile!!!!
    Have a great week!
    Chris :o)

  3. Such days are good memories to carry along!
    Hugs Aggie

  4. hello - new to your blog (and having background envy!)
    love a girls day out...who doesn't?!
    pleased to meet you
    fee x

  5. Yes, it is quite obvious that you had a gret day! You sound so happy!
    Kram, Monica


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