Sunday, April 24, 2011

Yesterday, All My Troubles Seemed So Far Away...

First, M. had her first Ultimate Frisbee
game since her (mild) concussion.
Here you can see her warming up...

On our way back home we passed through Seattle and of course
 I had to take a picture of the Space Needle again.
Do you see Mount Rainier in the bottom right?
Then a bit further on our way home we drove through our valley and there I had to make frequent stops to take it all in: inhale, exhale....


My favorite barn ever....

and again the barn....

The former Nestle Dairy Farm, now a 'Hole in the Wall' camp
for terminally ill children called 'Camp Korey'
What a gorgeous setting!
When we finally arrived back home this is what I saw...

C. reading the 'Kite Runner' for homework,
the dog at various comfy places and the lawnmower....

It was an amazingly glorious day yesterday and I was constantly trying to take it all in for, well today: it is overcast and it the rain is almost here.....

But, we're also having an Easter dinner with family today which will be lovely as well. Hop-a-long- now!


  1. You posted EVERYTHING that I miss from there...Thank you! Have fun with you family...

  2. You live in a very beautiful area, I envy you a little bit! And Mt Rainier makes the view so goodlooking! It's funny, one likes the snoe on a distance but not in the yard anymore.
    Do have a good Easter holiday! Mine was a disaster so far, but I'm alive and well but embarrased....

  3. The Easter holiday here has been wonderful - it is almost summer-temperatures and we have been eating outside all the time!
    I hope you can be spared from any more rain!
    Kram, Monica

  4. Heerlijke foto's, Marjan! Mooie foto's van de 'barn'; ik moet lachen om je overzeese 'Wiekcse Witte'!

  5. Hallo daar mevrouw Gekakel. (sorry, ik weet je eigen naam niet) Helaas geen echte Wieckse Witte in dat glas maar wel een tarwe bier van een locale brouwerij: ook zeer smakelijk! :-)

  6. What a gorgeous day and what beautiful pictures!


How wonderful to hear from you!

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