Saturday, April 2, 2011

Ultimate Frisbee...

C. in action and he just caught the disc as I took
 the second picture, all planned of course...
Last night (at 7pm!) son C. had an Ultimate Frisbee game in Seattle. It had been pouring all day and it continued pouring all evening and night. We left the house at 5:30pm and were stuck in traffick for-ev-er but we finally made it to the fields in Magnusson Park.

These poor kids were frozen to the bone (as were we!) after the game and to top it all off, they lost badly. (13-2) But, they all seemed to have an absolutely great time! It is such a fun sport for both players and the audience. No referees and not as much pressure as with some other sports. In the mean time they are all running around like crazy so there all super fit, what is not to like!

We all slept in this morning and are now slowly getting going. G. and M. are packing her bags for her week long trip to Yosemite. I'm thinking of going outside in the yard and see if I (finally) can take some pictures for the 'Signs of Spring'. The laundry is humming away in the back round and somebody (probably C.) is getting something to eat in the kitchen. And so life goes on...

Oh yes, I just spotted this spotted woodpecker (called a Flicker) through my office window. Isn't he spectacular?

PS One of our main roads opened again this morning!


  1. So exciting to have a road open again Oh boy do I remeber the traffic I use to live on Queen Anne and commute to work in Bellevue...yikes.
    I remember once I was on the bridge and there was an accident I was sweating bullets that I was going to run out of be young and dumb again just for a!

  2. Hej hej Marjan, het was hier vandaag heerlijk weer, boven de 20 graden. Je jurk is mooi geworden, die had je hier vandaag aan kunnen trekken.
    Fijne zondag

  3. The woodpecker really had to work for his food! What a gymnast!


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