Monday, April 25, 2011

Signs of Spring #9...

Yay, The 9th 'Signs of Spring' already!
So let's count them shall we, the true days of Spring we've had so far? Here we go: one- and- a- half- days..... How sad is that? We're back to temperatures around 50F/ 10C and quite a bit of rain in the forecast. But, we had our 1 1/2 day and it was GLORIOUS!!!! (smile)

Here is another picture of those small chairs I spray painted last week, don't they look cute in the sunshine?

I'm starting the week cleaning up the guest room because we will lbe having some Dutch guests in a couple of days, my cousin and her family. We met them yesterday for the Easter dinner at my aunt's house and lots of laughter was heard. Shame about the bad weather for them but we'll manage to do some fun stuff anyway...

Here is a picture of the view at my aunt's house yesterday. They overlook the Puget Sound  towards the Olympic Peninsula, it just never seizes to amaze me...


  1. You have very nice signs of spring even though it's a little chilly.
    The view from your Aunt's is very beautiful, amazing really.
    I'm now preparing dinner, we're having it alone at home since we will never be invited to anyone again in our whole lives.....yes, you read it right! It's not even a bit fun yet, and it never will be...gosh!
    Agneta kramar

  2. It is amazing that you have so many flowers when it is so cold!
    Here we have had the most wonderful easter with temperatures well over 20°C, and sunshine from a clearblue sky!
    Your newpainted chairs look so very nice and cosy!
    Kram, Monica


How wonderful to hear from you!

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