Thursday, April 14, 2011

The Paint Job...

Me, not in my traditional painting garb...

OK, so this was not the most exciting color I've ever painted, in fact, I think it was the least exciting one! (smile)

We already had this color in the front of the house, up the stairs and in the hallway up there so now it just continues into the kitchen and eating area. I really don't like this kind of open floorplan with rounded edges etc. Every room is connected to several other ones and you can't use too many different colors, otherwise it will just look like patchwork...

We're also stuck with all the woodwork everywhere which looks like, well, wood. I would really prefer all white but I guess that will have to wait to our next house, at least another four years from now...

Anyways, the paint color isn't bad and hopefully I can now get the whole painting issue out of my mind... (this was at least the third time in two and a half years I've painted this whole area!)


  1. It may be the most exciting color but it looks great! What a beautiful home!

  2. Thanks Carolyn! You're welcome to visit anytime. I don't really do any highway driving myself: whimp, whimp, whimp!

  3. Your so adorable and I love those dala horses and the blue coat is fabulous!
    the best ever thrift is the Seattle one off the Denny Way exit I think it's S.A. its by the pound! take care, I almost forgot, Love your home!

  4. Thank you for showing your home - it looks fabulous - and for showing yourself - you look fabulous too!
    Have a nice weekend!
    Kram, Monica

  5. Hej Marjan, het schilderen gaat je goed af. Leuk om even binnen te kijken.
    Ja ik zag Beskow, je hebt Zweden dichtbij huis en een soort van loppis ook.
    Fijne dag, groetjes


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