Friday, April 1, 2011

The Waters...

These pictures were taken along the Cow Road this afternoon. You can see the flooding is still quite extensive. Look at the drowned row of daffodils in the second picture. This is a small plot of land that is used by Vietnamese farmers to make some money with flowers and veggies: all is lost...

As I got back into the car I saw this pheasant running along the road... Not a safe place to be Mr. Pheasant!

PS See how low the clouds are hanging in these pictures and it is still pou-ring also: I haven't taken a single 'Signs of Spring' picture this week yet! Just look at my sister's blog instead: I hear they're having a 'heat wave' in Holland this weekend...


  1. Wow - looks like you guys are still having some crazy weather there! Hope the sun decides to shine and dry everything up very soon. answer your question...the tiered plate stand came from Home Goods. :)


  2. this is going to be fun getting to know you, loved the email! I can't get over all the flooding....does not look like spring in these pictures yet. Yes we still have lots of snow but hooray its melting fast...this is a first we usually still have snow patches in May!

  3. Bah,wat grijs is het bij jullie! Ik hoop dat je snel wat zon krijgt!

  4. Jeetje, wat een water, lijkt me niet echt lekker om dit zo vlak naast je bedje te zien.... Sterkte ermee!

  5. Some places on Earth are drying out and Cow Road and Thailand are flooded and we are lost in fog....The daffodils are like water lilies.
    Have a nice week end.

  6. Poor Vietnamese farmers! All their crops destroyed!
    I hope that they will get some compensation?
    Hugs, Monica


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