Thursday, April 14, 2011

Value Village...

We visited the huge Value Village (second hand shop) in Ballard/ Seattle today.

This is for all the Swedes that read this blog...

We came across this Scandinavian shop on the way.
Look Monica, tea for you! And hej Willy, a Elsa Beskow book!

grey, Grey, GREY!


  1. Hello,

    I think I'm your latest follower.

    I'd love to see that Scandinavian shop! I do think your CatherineHolm images are cute.

    A lovely Norwegian lady sent us that Elsa Beskow book. It's quite beautiful isn't it? Of course it's written in Swedish, so we can't understand the precise storyline, but we guess the story from the pictures.

  2. Hello there Miss Mid-Century! ;-) I am Dutch but can read Swedish fluently so let me know if there is anything specific you would like to know!
    Thanks for following me by the way! I love almost all things mid-century, I just don't own much of it... ($$$)

  3. At first I thought all those dalahaster were from Value Village and I was about to get VERY jealous! Have you tried the (house made) pickled herring from Scandinavian Specialties? Himla gott!

  4. Hey there Sarah, I just had some of that herring for dinner: verkligen himla gott! :-)
    I also bought a piece of Blud Wurst but haven't eaten it yet. (my kids were seriously grossed out...)

  5. Heb je bij de Village ook nog wat gekocht?

  6. Thank you for finding a tea just for me!!!
    I am amazed to hear, that there is a Scandinavian shop in Seattle! But glad!
    Kram, Monica

  7. Daar zou ik ook wel eens willen winkelen! En ik gun je zó wat zon, hopelijk komt 'ie snel jullie kant op want elf graden, daar heb je weinig aan...


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