Sunday, April 10, 2011

Signs of Spring #7...

The seventh Signs of Spring already! What a shame we are still not experiencing any real spring over here. (it is raining Again!) That is why I decided to give all of these pictures a color boost through the Picasa3 photo program.

We can all do with a color boost over here, especially when we saw our neighbours return from a week in Florida and another week on a cruise: major sun tans!

Our days will come right? (smile)


  1. Love your Dansko's Momma that was quite a score...Love Spring no#7 we had snow flurries today , Oh Yuck!

  2. What lovely spring-signs! Blooming magnolias - fantastic! The magnolias here will probably not be blooming for another month...
    But all your rain is not so good! I hope it will stop soon!
    Vårkram, Monica

  3. Hej hej Marjan, het was hier gisteren heerlijk weer. 's Middags in het zonnetje behoorlijk bijgekleurd. Vandaag is het nog mooier.
    Wat trof je het met die schoenen.
    Hoop dat het vandaag beter weer is bij jullie, groetjes

  4. Thought you hade done something to the pictures, so bright and shining. It's fun isn't it to work in those picture programs.
    We've had a wonderful day today but there will be rain tomorrow....that's spring.
    Agneta kram

  5. Vilka fantastiska färger! :) Du kan i alla fall glädja dig åt att ni inte har någon snö kvar, här ligger snötäcket fortfarande minst en halvmeter djupt fortfarande. Man får ha tålamod med våren helt enkelt. :)


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