Monday, April 18, 2011

Signs of Spring #8...

"2011 is clearly the worst year on record with the fewest number of days above 55F/ 12C !!!"
Excerpt taken from Cliff Mass's Seattle weather blog. Here is the proof that our Spring indeed has been the worst year on record and that I've not just been whining about it!

But, with all this cold weather and tons of rain, our garden continues to grow and so I have lots to show you:

Garlic, Yellow Corn and Snap Peas.

The Tulips are trying their might...

Pretty little Maple in the front yard.

Tulip tree starting to show some color.
Beautiful clouds yesterday in between the snow and the hail storms.

Purple Hosta shark teeth, a green Hosta starting to unfold
and a leaf from the Katsura tree.

Chocolate Monster sniffing around and just look at those Peonies!
It looks like we might get a couple of days above 55F later this week so that is something to look forward to!


  1. This weather is killing me too! I've decided to rebel though and have started to wear summer clothes even though it is clearly not summer. My co-workers have begun to look at me a bit strange but I don't care...I can't wear wool pants for one more day!

  2. Your garden obviously likes the wheather even if you don't! It looks fantastic!
    I hope that your wheather improves soon though!
    Kram, Monica


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