Secret Indulgence #1...

I LOVE eating a hardboiled egg, still warm, with mayonaise: Yum!!!!
I know I know, you've always wanted to know right?

PS The Swedish word for egg (agg) is supposed to be written with an umlaut on top of the a but I couldn't find it. It is pronounced almost the same as the English version...
I know I know, you've always wanted to know that too, right?


  1. I love eggs too, but softboiled with salt! I have heard that you eat eggs with mayonaise in Holland, but it seems strange to us here...
    I suppose you wanted to know that, or...
    Have a nice day!

  2. Dill kaviar doesn't sound bad either, especially on top of the foresaid egg! ;-)

    We love everything in Holland with mayo Monica, most of all 'patat' = french fries!!!

  3. HHmmm, gistermiddag in de zon bij de achterdeur nog heerlijk twee hardgekookte eitjes gegeten met dochterlief, maar zonder mayo (met zout!) Zomaar even als tussendoortje...

  4. Met zout ik ze normaliter ook natuurlijk maar ik had gisteren zo'n zin in mayonaise... :-)


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