The Finished Dress...

Yay! I finished the dress after all!!!
Lots of lessons learned once again, the biggest one: try on your garment in between the sewing and don't wait until you've finished all the edges and binding etc! (that is obviously what I did and it was almost impossible to change anything) I received a big compliment though: daughter M. wants me to make her one as well but then with a plain fabric on top and a patterened skirt!

Now the waiting is for sunny weather and it looks like we'll be waiting for a long time to come: tons of rain in the forecast and we're once again under a flood advisory...

Hopefully it will at least stay dry until noon because I'm off to Little Bit again and the lessons are always so much more fun when we can actually go outside with the horses. Otherwise we just walk in circles in the arena and that is no fun for anyone...

I leave you with a sunny flower picture from last week: I love Gardenia's!


  1. Wow, wat een gaaf jurkje! Je mag er voor mij ook wel een maken. Precies dit model, precies dit stofje, echt perfect...

  2. Beautiful looks so lovely! And I've also learned the hard way about trying things on when I go along. It is a huge pain to have to tear things out!


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