Signs of Spring #12...

This what we saw at 8:15 pm last night after 24 hours of record breaking rain (all the rain for the month of May fell in that time period!): a glimmer of sun so bright, I ran outside to try and catch it!

What a Spring it has been! (not a good one...) But, we have had no tornadoes or extreme flooding, just lots of clouds and rain and that is nothing (not much anyway) to complain about.

We did have some very nice afternoons last week and that is when I took the following pictures...

And, later this week they are forecasting the first 70 degree (around 20 Celsius) weather days so Woot Woot to that! I can't wait...


  1. You had an extremely wet spring and we had an extremely dry one! Why don't we share fifty-fifty...
    But we have had rain the last days, so now you will have sun, don't you think?
    Wonderful flowers in your garden!
    Kram, Monica

  2. How beautiful is that ray of sunshine!


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