Sunday, May 15, 2011

Memories of Holland...

Since it is still raining so hard, I'm spending a little extra time behind the computer. I found these pictures on one of my favorite Dutch websites (Weer Fotos). These pictures were all taken this weekend by weather photographers in NL (and so NOT by me) and they all, in one way or another, remind me of my 'olden days' in Holland....

(please click on the pictures to enlarge them)




Nabij het Veerse Meer

Noordzee Strand

My parents own a sail boat (a Hallberg Rassy! for you Swedes out there) and we spent almost every weekend and every summer vacation on the water. Good thing we'll be visiting this summer after a 6 year absence and we will spend lots of time on and near the water...   {sigh}  {smile}

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  1. Beautiful pictures! How great that you're going back to visit!


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