Bigger Bag...

Tadaa, here is my bigger and more improved bag:

From the front...

And from the side...
(there is the gusset, in the middle)

And on my shoulder...
I used the same pattern as the previous one but I adjusted it quite a bit, unfortunately not all for the better. First of all I enlarged it by 125%. Then I added a gusset, that is the piece between the front and the back panels and it makes the bag wider/ deeper. In hind sight I don't think the bag needed that extra room but it has it now!  ~wink~

I also added a flap over the top for a bit more security. Anything to not use a zipper, which of course would have been way better. Maybe next time... (I found several tutorials but it was just looking very confusing)

Some interfacing was added to the strap which was a good thing, it is much sturdier now. I also added some fancier pockets, even one with some elastic in it!

Now the bag is ready to be taken to Europe this summer: Yay, I can't wait! Only five more weeks to go. School will be out late next week after some gruelling finals for the kids. (they're in 8th and 10th grade) The stress level is rising steadily over here. At least the end is now in sight...

PS I still have hardly been able to leave any comments around your blogs, I am still reading every single word though, I promise!  {smile}


  1. What a fabulous bag! I'm so impressed with all your alterations and I love the little elastic pocket. Perfect!


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