Wednesday, May 30, 2012

Value Village 'V'inds...

(I meant 'finds' of course but I liked the triple V's in there...)  <wink>

So last Monday was Memorial Day here which meant 50% off of all clothes, shoes and accessories (I don't think that is the right spelling but don't want to look it up right now) at Value Village, one of our second hand stores.

The morning started  great already with the link to a concert of "The Specials", live at Pinkpop (Dutch rock festival) that was sent to me early that morning by a friend of mine. I immediately was in the mood for my two-toned Dr. Martins and a rockin' hairdo:

Mr. G. and visited two stores, one in Ballard (in Seattle) and my other regular one closer by. Look at all the bounty:

Some of the Amsterdam Canals are depicted on these egg cups. How cool is that?
A vintage sheet for some sewing and a vintage bedspread that fit exactly on our guest bed!
It is fabric, not a painting...
I bought some clothes as well but not too many and no pictures. (yet)

After all that hunting we were rather peckish and so we stopped at a fabulous Taco Truck called 'El Camion'.

Look, the Space Needle has been painted the original gold color to commemorate its 50th year of existence.
It looks more orange to me...  <wink>
What a fun day out together!  {smile}


  1. Leuke vondsten heb je gedaan!

  2. Trying to comment but don't seem to be able to. Love your hair, boots and happy date together. You are a very good looking twosome! Value Village sounds like a bit of a treasure trove too!

  3. Yay finally got a comment on your lovely blog. You have inspired me to go and buy some hair colour today before it all fall out and maybe dust off the docs if it would ever get cold enough here!

  4. Oh I love your hair! They painted the Space needle gold...that is so neat! Must take a peek at it next time I head down south. Happy week to you.

  5. You look great - what a couple!
    Strandkaal, well, I have never seen a cabbage like a cabbagehead, but it smells exactly lika cabbage and the flowers are very much the same as on broccoli, yellow small flowers, so probably it's more like cabbage-broccoli. But it's protected so I haven't dared taken any to taste!

  6. Geweldige vonsten, en wat een leuke foto's!! Als ik jouw korte koppie zie, ga ik ook maar snel weer naar de kapper, mijn poging om mijn haar wat langer te dragen maakt het eigenlijk vreselijk tuttig ;)!!

  7. Patrick was op pinkpop. Bruce sprinsteen. Was weer geweldig (maandag) leuke vondsten. succes met nestje. zal het nisse vertellen. sabeth


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