Friday, May 25, 2012

Treasure Found While Weeding...

Look what I found in the yard yesterday. Isn't it a beautiful color? Miss M. says it is a Robin's egg...

Talking about eggs: Penny & Howard have been sitting on the five eggs diligently for two weeks now so I'm expecting something to happen real soon. That is of course if the eggs are fertilized. We shall see...

And look at some of these other pretty 'finds' in the back yard yesterday...

Lots of color everywhere!


Bee in the Tomato flowers

Hopefully we will have more of these skies today...

Leak pod...
The temperatures are close to average again so I am expecting the Peonies to bloom any day now. They got so heavy with all the rain we had earlier this week, I was afraid they would break, but so far so good...

This morning I will be off to Joann Fabrics. Always an 'expedition' of sorts. I make an extensive list at home of things to look at and special coupons etc. It takes me 45 minutes to get there so I have to make it worth my while. After that I have only one lesson at Little Bit and then we are ready for a long weekend since they are celebrating Memorial Day here in The States.

Miss M. has been invited to spend the weekend at Mount Hood, just east of Portland, Oregon (lucky duck!) and the rest of the family has no real plans yet. If our boys' varsity soccer team wins their semi-final today then they will be in the State Finals tomorrow so then we will be going there. (it is in Sumner for those of you in the area)

Hope you all have something fun planned for the weekend? Enjoy!

I will leave you with some birdie pictures I took through the window a couple of days ago...

Baby  Grosbeak (I think...)

No idea what this one is called,
but it looked very cheeky... <wink>


  1. I can't wait to see it all again.....and have a cup of coffee with you!
    2 more months seems like forever right now but summer is starting to take off and everything is almost green...wont be long with all of our daylight.

  2. Your right that lake was freezing.....

  3. Wat heb je weer schattige en mooie foto's, zo te zien is de natuur al een stuk verder dan bij ons! Hier nu eindelijk zomers weer, ik ben super verbrand vandaag :(! Fijn Pinksterweekend (kennen ze dat ook in USA?)

  4. Wow! That egg is such a vibrant color of blue! How gorgeous!

  5. Hoi, wat een fijne foto's weer. wij hebben het hier super warm. Ben vandaag ook enorm verbrand. Iets teveel van het goede deze temp. Pat gaat ma naar pinkpop. Bruce springsteen kijken. Verder zien we wel. goed weekend! sabeth

  6. Pantone, just can't compete with natures colour offerings! :)

  7. Mooie tuin hebben jullie zeg! En die vogeltjes zijn ook zo schattig :) Fijn dat de temperatuur weer wat beter is, geniet ervan!

  8. That egg is just too gorgeous.

    Happy weekend to you.

    Nina xxx


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