Monday, May 7, 2012

Signs of Spring, Week 9 (or is it 10?)...

I think I've lost count, but here is another Signs of Spring post. This week I bring you our vegetable garden. I say 'our', but it is really Mr. G.'s garden, I only look around in there oohing and aahing. (I do the rest of the yard which is half an acre...)
Look at what is growing right now:

Mmmmm! We have red cabbage, potatoes, peas, carrots, beans, beats and radishes. (all clockwise from the top-left) We also have leaks, onions, corn and garlic in the boxes but I didn't take any pictures of them.

When I wrote that I do the rest of the yard that was not quite true. Mr. G. mows both the front and the back about twice a week at the moment which takes at least half an hour each time. Here he goes in the front yard. Look at that blue sky! (and do you spot our Bavarian flag?)

And here some pictures of some of the other plants in our yard which caught my eye...

Miss M.'s 'Tiger Eye' tree...
We bought right after we bought this house, transplanted it last year to a better spot and it has been growing like crazy.
Always nice to see it come back after the yukkie winter...
Love all this citrus-y yellow!

I wish we had smell-a-vision here: sooo good!

New Japanese Maple leaves in the evening sun...

Beautiful Ferns...

Everything is growing like weeds at the moment and I managed to tackle most of those actual weeds this weekend, a whole yard waste bin full, and those things are Big!

After a wonderful day spent outside Mr. G. prepared our favorite dinner: original Mexican taco's: Yum!!!

Spicy chicken strips, white onion, cilantro, lime juice, jalapeno peppers and Salsa Verde on soft taco's, that's all!

All in all we had another great weekend! The fourth beautiful weekend in a row even, so we can definitely not complain!

And oh yes, on the bird front: still only one egg and Howard & Penny are displaying very strange behavior-isms. They are now sleeping on top of their water bowl instead of in the nest and they also add mossy bits (that I give them from the yard) to both the water bowl and the food bowl. Interesting to observe all this though and they seem happy enough otherwise...

PS!!!  I forgot to show you a  picture of the cupcakes! They were apparently very tasty and the girls had a great time together. At this age all you have to is provide food and they do the rest: my kind of party!  <wink>


  1. sounds and looks like paradise!

  2. Ziet er allemaal weer super uit!

  3. Hmm heerlijk zeg! De tuin én de cupcakes! :)

  4. What??? Do you have carrots already??? Amazing!
    It must be summer at your place!
    Kram, Monica

  5. Jelous - me - absolutely!

    No magic fix with my pictures - I just use Instagram when I'm out and about and forget my camera...which is quite a lot!

    Nina xxx

  6. Sorry about the spelling - I can't see what I'm typing in your comments box, so I'm winging it! Must be a technical issue. N xxx


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