Thursday, May 10, 2012

Cheeky Buggers...

'Zoef, zoef!'
So last weekend I felt it was time to move the bird feeder. I had spotted a squirrels' nest in a neighbor's tree (so cute!) and we had been having lots of squirrel visits at the feeder hopping on it from the tree it was next to. So we moved the feeder to a more secluded area so that no more tree hopping would occur. 

All pictures were taken through the window, so please excuse some blurriness...
This morning I happened to be looking outside when I saw a squirrel going hand over hand, or should that be paw over paw, climbing straight up the pole! I guess the strategy of moving the feeder didn't work at all. The feeder in the front yard has one of those ugly plastic discs around the pole so that the squirrels can only get that high so now we will have to buy one for the back as well...

Anyway, some fun pictures of the local wildlife. Check out these giant pigeons!

They sat there for the longest time, once in a while trying to venture down to earth, only to be scared away by the squirrels. (these birds were way too big to hang of the bird feeder)

--  **  --  **  --


I was just about to come and tell you that I had once again found a little egg in Howard & Penny's nest (the other one didn't make it unfortunately) when I got distracted by more wildlife at the feeder. The feeder in the front yard this time. Who could this be?

Aha, Mr. (or Mrs.) Blue Jay! And then there was this little Junco...

And this beautiful Grosbeak  from the Finch family. What a cutie!

That is it for now but who knows what other wildlife I will come across today?  {smile}


  1. Wat een heerlijke beestenbende bij jullie in de tuin! :)

  2. You have such sweet little critters! Ours are big gallahs, cockatoos, bush turkeys and muscly old possums. Dainty wildlife is only of the storybook nature here. Do you ever get snakes?

  3. Prachtig, die vogels, en zoo anders dan bij ons ;)! De eekhoorntjes zijn helemaal genieten, die kennen wij alleen van tevee, ha ha!

  4. What a wildlife in your neighborhood! So beautiful birds!
    I hope you find a way to feed them so the squirrels can't harm them!
    Kram, Monica

  5. Great photos, what beautiful wildlife!


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