Monday, May 28, 2012

Sunny Saturday...

The in-laws' house in Tacoma...
This past Saturday indeed turned out to be 'A Beautiful Day'. First we left around 10:30 in the morning to go and visit Mr. G's parents. We hadn't been there in way too long so it was fun to catch up again. They prepared us a lovely lunch and we strolled around in their garden. They have the most spectacular views of Commencement Bay and Tacoma and I can never get enough of it all. There was hardly any wind, it was warm and there were lots of little sounds of birds and bees etc. Just glorious! {smile}

View Southeast toward the Cascades...
Look, Sea lions on the logs! They were very loud, honking away...
Unfortunately we could only stay for an hour and a half because the State Finals in Soccer started at 2pm in Sumner, about a 30 minutes drive. The stands were in the shade which was a shame but we got hot soon enough because I think this was the most exciting game of soccer I have ever witnessed!!!
So many chances for our team (read 'heart stopping moments'!) but no score. Even after over-time nobody had scored so then we had to go to shoot-outs. Good lord, I could barely watch. (through the fingers though...) Anyway: We Won!!!!!

Very, very exciting indeed. The last time our school won the Soccer State Finals was in 1996 so you can only imagine everybody's excitement! {big smile}

Our car was parked in a side street and oh my, it was my 'street of dreams'! Just look at all these wonderfully cute houses. I could move in today!

After the game we had to sit in the car again for at least an hour, and I took these pictures just before we got home. (all the following pictures are straight out of camera, so no editing involved)

The Cascade Mountains

Love seeing the difference between the cut grass and the 'wild side'...

After we came home we poured ourselves a beer and enjoyed the last of the sun-rays with intensity because we knew that there wouldn't be much sun coming the rest of the week. So true because it has been super cloudy and overcast since then. The garden is thriving on this type of weather though. So so pretty everything... (again unedited photos, straight out of the camera)

PS We now have at least two babies in the nest and maybe even three. (it is very dark in there and they are so teeny tiny) I observed Penny feeding at least two mouths: so cute!  {smile}


  1. Those houses are dreamy.....I could move in today too......When I was 20 I was offered a management position with the company I was working for in Tacoma, I grew up in Bellevue and do you know what I said to the owner, No thank you I couldn't make it down there with that smell....what a horrid thing to say.....They sent me to Everett instead....I can't believe they didn't just fire me!!!! Our youth with no filters on our young mouths!!
    Have a great rest of the holiday weekend!

    1. Haha, tat was indeed too funny! But so true though as well. It used to be super smelly but now they have removed that pulp mill and smelter...

  2. Congratulations with the BIG win! Also, thanks for the lovely pictures to enjoy. Straight out of the camera = really really nice! Please keep us updated on the little bird family.

  3. Love the houses, too. I'll have the white one or the grey, or.....also love the poppy field. And the pics straight out of the camera are all super!

  4. Yes, the houses in your dream-street...I love the last one. And so I love your pictures, especially of the flowers. So close, so lovely!

    Prettige dag!


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