Thursday, May 3, 2012

Little Pearls...

This is how the day started yesterday and slowly but surely the sun came out in between blustery clouds. Quite nice really. I spent two hours in the yard trying to contain all the weeds, a never ending story. Look at how green everything is becoming! The peonies are reaching to my hips already!

I did a 360 in the yard which didn't work out so well...
So here is half of the 360... Things are growing!  {smile}

And here a couple of pictures of some desk- details that have nothing to do with anything, but they caught my photographic eye...

That's about it from here. Another rainy day. I have to go shopping to prepare for Miss M.'s overnight party tomorrow with a Dutch Pancake breakfast on Saturday morning for five teenage girls.

Master C. will have his first official SAT-test (for college entree) this Saturday morning (starts at 8am!) and then we (the mister and myself) have a benefit dinner Saturday evening at school for our school's Cambodia project with yummie Cambodian food.

And oh yes, Arts Fest at school tomorrow evening with performances of both the Jazz Band and the Jazz Combo in both of which Master C. will be playing the electric bass. Busy, busy, busy times indeed!  {smile}

PS:  Still only one egg in the nest. Hopefully it stays that way...  <wink>


  1. I cancelled our oldest sleepover till next weekend these are always fun!
    love your new header and yes were coming in August and I would love to meet!

  2. Druk, maar wel leuk allemaal!! Af en toe gewoon maar even terugdenken aan die roerloze waterdruppels... voor de innerlijke rust!

  3. Lovely pearls.....It´s a pity you can´t wear them, cause there are more beauty than the queens collar.

  4. Your 360-pictures look very nice!
    So do the raindrops on the leaves!
    Kram, Monica

  5. They are so beautiful - little droplets of rain.

    I took some pictures the other day of some settled on our blossom pretty.

    Nina xxx

  6. Leuke post weer en mooie foto's!!

  7. Love those lovely water pearls!!!! Taking photos of nature is so much fun,
    it even makes rainy days wonderful!!
    Chris :o)


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