Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Een Ei (tje)!

Remember Howard & Penny, the two Zebra Finches we bought about a month ago? So yesterday I found this in their nest:

What excitement!!!!  {smile} Here is a picture, not of H & P but found on the net, of a similar looking pair, so cute.
borrowed from the net...
And here is a picture of what might come out of these eggs (if more are too follow which is pretty likely):
borrowed from the net...
Maybe not so cute at first...  <wink>

And here is lovely Penny herself....
The reaction of my husband when I told him: "Those are your birds!"

Ohoh, I hear loud chirpings going on. Maybe egg number two has arrived?!


  1. Newborns - how exciting. Congratulations :)

    Nina xxxx

  2. I understand your excitement :)

  3. How exciting! They must enjoy living at your place!
    Kram, Monica

  4. Oh, hope you'll have some of those georgeous birds, they are so cute, so cute!
    And yes, isn't it nice when the kids play music instead of rumbling around in the streets and music is such a necessity!

  5. Ooh, how exciting! The fact that anything hatches out of eggs seems kind of magic to me.

  6. How pretty! I have never seen a white finch. My sister started with two and now regularly gives newbies to the pet shop as they have become prolific breeders- the finches not my sister!


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