Friday, May 11, 2012

Mother's Day Craftiness...

Since my mother lives so far away (in The Netherlands) and the mail takes close to a week to get there, I had to get crafting already last week in order to get this little present to her in time for Mother's Day.

I found this idea online (via How About Orange, the post is from about a week ago) and immediately thought: "I can do that!"

I first took pictures of my old baby-book pictures, aged them a little more in PicMonkey and added a vintage Polaroid frame to them, also from PicMonkey.

I then glued them to my cards (that I had made out of card stock) and cut a wide triangle out of the bottom so that they would look more like flags.

After inserting a ribbon I glued shut the cards and added the little wooden clothespins to them et voila! My mom emailed me yesterday and said she cried when she opened the package.... {smile}

Since my father has been remarried  for quite a while now, I also made one for his wife since she is a bit of a mother to me as well...

--  **  --  **  --

The weather report for the next four days says we will reach temperatures of 80F / 27C so I thought I'd better sew something light and easy, toute suite. This is what it became:

I found the pattern in a Dutch magazine called 'Knippie'. I didn't understand the Dutch instructions at all (go figure and it is my native tongue!) so I just used my own sewing experience to figure it out.
The green fabric is a normal weight cotton (thanks Tif!) but the plaid is a light weight, very breezy fabric, perfect for all the heat that is on its way. I found it at Value Village so it almost cost me nothing! I think I might wear it to the barn today where things heat up very quickly with all those horses around...
It is not the most elegant looking and the color combination is maybe a bit questionable, but it makes me smile every time I see it!  <wink>

And in other birdie news: there are now two eggs in the nest, but Howard & Penny barely sit on them...

OK, off I go. This weekend Miss M. has an Ultimate Frisbee tournament so we will be sitting on the field for two days straight. Not a punishment with this kind of weather!

Have a great one!   {smile}


  1. Ik heb precies hetzelfde babyfotoboek!!!!!!!!! Leuk idee die slingers, ik ben te laat voor moederdag, maar mijn moeders verjaardag komt nog....

    1. That is too funny Fokkelien!!! :-)
      Ik kon de foto's niet eerder plaatsen omdat ik niet wilde dat mijn moeder ze te vroeg zou zien. Nu heb je in ieder geval een idee voor je moeder's verjaardag...

  2. What a great idea for a mother's day present!

  3. Oooh wat een leuke slinger heb je gemaakt joh! En wat fijn dat je moeder het zo mooi vond, dat is weer een cadeautje voor jou :)

  4. That is such a great idea the I may make a belated one for my mother to hang in her family room! It could be used for so many special occasions.


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