Thursday, May 24, 2012

Return Of The Mojo!

See, I told you yesterday this 'lack of mojo' lark wouldn't take long?!  <wink>

After I wrote yesterday's post I kicked myself in the behind and went shopping at Value Village. (= second hand store) Major score! Look at all the fun goodies I found:

Fun paper lanterns to add some festive cheer around! (and yes we could do with some of that with all this cloudiness around...)

We have a wedding to attend next month and I thought these shoes would be perfect, they will go with whatever I will choose to wear. Yes, they look like shoes my Oma could have worn but I felt that added some charm. The most important factor though was how comfortable they are! If you look closely you can see that they have padding inside: Yay!

And then I found these two pillow cases that I just couldn't resist...

And a huge piece of sheer rose fabric. Not sure yet where that will go but that is not important isn't it?  <wink>

And then quite a few never been used sewing patterns, mainly from the Project Runway line for Simplicity: Yay again!  {smile}

Tomorrow there is a big Memorial Day Sale at Joann's (fabric store) where they will be selling patterns for $1 each (!) so I will be adding a few more to my collection this week. (and very probably some new fabric as well, just what I don't need)

--  **  --  **  --

And as you might or might not have noticed, I've changed the layout and background of the blog a teeny tiny bit.  I was inspired by Ouchflower's template and she so kindly sent me the link of where she found it (Dessign). I checked it all out but was a little bit 'afraid' to go for such a drastic change so I decided to design my own and use Blogger's templates. I likey!  {smile}

OK, the sun is peeking out just a little bit so I think I might go out for a stroll in the back yard and see how much the weeds must have grown. With all this rain they grew a foot for sure!


  1. Value Village looks like an amazing place! There are three Goodwills near me, but I've never seen anything as nifty as what you find. Of course, I don't look at patterns or fabric, because I don't need either :~)

    It looks like we're going to have a few sunny and warmer days down here, so I hope that means you will, too!

    P.S. I love your new blog background!

  2. Leuk om weer de berichtjes op je weblog te lezen.
    Het geeft een mooi beel;d van je leven daar.
    Ik zag ook nog een bekende naam voorbij komen "Werhoven" , de Dutch Farm.
    Ben benieuwd of het familie is van mijn zwager.

    Groet uit Twente,

  3. These cheery finds would have perked me right up your lanterns!!!

  4. The background works a treat! A nice bit of styling!


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