Thursday, May 31, 2012

Peony Parade...

It is so dark outside this morning that I've had to turn on the lights again! A good thing I have so many Peonies from the yard to add some color and cheer around the house...

I other news, some sad tidings from within the Howard & Penny household. This morning I found a baby bird at the bottom of the cage, no longer with us I'm afraid. Miss M. and I think that this birdie probably came from the last egg to hatch and that the bigger siblings didn't want it in there. Who knows... It was interesting to see what a newborn bird actually looks like, but a bit sad at the same time as well of course. So far we think we have three confirmed baby birds in the nest, but it is incredibly difficult to tell.

We've had our share of dead young birds over the last couple of days. Both Mr. G. and myself each found a dead baby bird (so no feathers yet) in the yard and then yesterday there was a little bit older Evening Grosbeak hopping around (not in a very lively way) in our neighborhood. The neighbors' kids across the road looked after him but he died 24 hours later. He was probably attacked by a cat and had injuries that were just too much to heal up. I guess that is Mother Nature for you...

Well, with all this rain going on outside it will be nice and cozy in my sewing area today. See ya later!


  1. Oh, poor little birdies!
    On a happier note, your peonies look gorgeous! I wish we had some in our yard...maybe next year...

  2. My heart is crying for the birds, but it is the hard life, survival of the fittest.....
    Have you taken the pictures of the peonies and made them into this artform? They are great!

    1. Yes indeed Aggie, all pictures are made by moi... :-)

  3. Ach, wat zielig... tja, de natuur is zonder dit soort gedachten, die wij mensen hierover hebben, in de vorm van zielig of niet zielig.. maar ik vind het zielig! Prachtig je pioenen, uit eigen tuin? Super!!

    1. Ja, allemaal uit eigen tuin Stefanie! :-)

  4. Thank goodness for delicious peonies when the weather is miserable - sad about the birds though, ours suffered a similar fate...


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