Friday, June 1, 2012

Sewing Update...

You might think that it has been rather quiet over here in Sewing Land, but au contraire: I've been very busy sewing, I just haven't shown you the recent projects yet.

I decided to make another one of those Lisette patterns, but this time a tunic instead of a dress. (remember the one I made in that vintage black and white with red and yellow flowers from a little while back? Yes, the 'comfortable sack dress'... <wink>) 

The ribbon around the buttons tore after one day of wearing 
so I will have to come up with a different solution...
Again very comfortable, easy to make and easy to wear. I still do think it makes me look slightly pregnant but oh well.... (that's why I'm not showing you any pictures of me wearing it)

And then earlier this week I finished this skirt:

I drafted it from an existing skirt that I have in my closet and adjusted it considerably. Added length (it is 27 inches long), fancy pockets, and the three color ways. I love it but Miss M. wrinkled her nose when she saw it. Those teenagers...

Right now I've got a new pattern on the table and I'm using that vintage light blue with roses sheet that I bought at the Value Village last weekend. I'm adding the same pockets as above to it since I like them so much. I will show you when I'm done...

--  **  --  **  --

This morning my house smells like caramelized onions and that before 8 am!  {smile} I'm attempting to make a recipe from the 'Vegetarian Times' (a magazine, not a newspaper), which is called 'Caramelized Onion, Walnut and Spinach Savory Cake'. (what a mouthful) It is basically a loaf of bread with lots of yummie, savory things in it. I will have to replace the walnuts with pecans since Mr. G. is allergic to walnuts. Some of the caramelized onion marmalade (as they call it) will go in the bread and the rest you can serve on it. With a salad on the side I think it will taste just scrumptious, but who knows what the teenagers will think of it. Oh well again...

And hey, do you know what?  It is Friday already!!!!    {big smile}


  1. Dat rokje is juist leuk, niks aantrekken van je dochter ;)

  2. Oh goodness I just love the patterns and fabrics you choose! They are both so completely gorgeous, who cares what the teenagers think :)
    I particularly love the piping on the skirt. I'm totally Pinning these, hope you don't mind!

  3. Gosh! You are awesome! I love your blog. I just arrived from "Smashing Rubbish" and found you. The skirt is lovely. Hugs from Italy.

  4. You are absolutely an whizz at sewing and so creative - it's looks super duper fabulous - envious 'moi' - of course.

    Have a wonderful weekend

    Nina xxx

  5. Chic! Love the fabrics. And the dish - sounds like heaven! Agneta


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