Saturday, June 2, 2012

Savory Cake Recipe...

Wow, that Savory Cake that I mentioned yesterday was indeed absolutely delish, so here is the recipe, in case you were interested:
I made the Onion Marmelade in the morning and the rest in the afternoon, easy peasy!  {smile}

Well, it is Saturday morning over here and I already have a full day behind me. Master C. had to take a SAT subject test in French (for college applications) and had to be there at 7:45 am. This meant we had to leave at 7:15am and that on a Saturday morning! 
I dropped him off and continued on to Home Depot and bought  a few perennials and annuals (= plants) and 4 cubic feet of top soil (heavy!). After that I did a little bit of light grocery shopping and then back to the testing school I went again. There I sat in the car for an hour (!) and listened to 'Doe Maar' (a Dutch band from the 80's), 'La Misa Criolla', Thomas Dolby, Black and Marco Borsato. (also a Dutch singer) It was actually quite nice to just sit and do nothing for a bit...  <wink>

On the birdies front: we now have four confirmed baby birds in the nest! It was very difficult to tell for a while, but since things are rather crowded in the nest now, Howard and Penny don't spend as much time in there anymore so it is easier to have a peek inside. The babies are even starting to make some sounds now!

Okiedokie, that's it for now. No other plans for the weekend. The kids have to do lots of studying since we're having Finals Week starting on Monday. Then Friday will be the last day of school: Yahoo!  {smile}


  1. Wat lief dat je dit lekkere (tenminste, dat denk ik :)) recept met ons deelt, jammie!! En nee, dat roep ik niet alleen omdat ik trek heb, ha ha! Fijn weekend!

  2. Thanks! I will definitely try it! Agneta


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