Monday, June 18, 2012


Wow, last Wednesday was the last time I posted. How did that happen? I guess I'm starting to get into that vacation mode , finally.

Let's see, the birdies will be up first. All of the babies have left the nest, but #4 still prefers hanging out in the nest by itself most of the time. Very understandable since it gets very crowded in there with his bigger siblings (and sometimes a parent or two) in there. Now he (or she) can spread its wings when and forever how long he wants to...

Here is a lovely family picture I took yesterday afternoon:

Aren't they cute? The three babies are sitting next to each other and Howard & Penny are on their favorite perch looking out over the yard.
At around that same time I took this picture I discovered a new egg in the nest!!!! (heart palpitations ensued) Once #4 had left the nest for a little flying around I went in to scoop out the egg (we really don't want any more baby birds!) and guess what: I found two more!!! (and a fourth one this morning)

Tiny little eggs with some dirt from the nest... (i.e. poop)
Chees, that was quick! I felt bad having to remove the eggs but this is the only way. The babies are too young to be left by their own devices and Penny still really needs to feed them once in a while, which is something she won't do once she is sitting on the eggs again. Man, who'd have thought looking after some small birds would be keeping me this busy?

Miss M. trying to get Howard & Penny get used to her hand in the cage.
This will hopefully be helpful once we have to catch and separate the sexes...

--  **  --  **  --

In other news: we had another meeting with the college counselor last week to make sure we know what we can expect on deadlines for college applications, writing essays, narrowing down college lists, more tests etc. Pfieuw, not easy this college application process! 
Master C., thank goodness, stays very calm about it all, outwardly at least. He will also have his wisdom teeth removed next week (all four at once!) and that doesn't seem to bother him either. Oh, to have a calm disposition like that! He certainly did not get that from me!  <wink>

We had our end of year admin dinner on Friday which was wonderful and then I had a lovely breakfast with some of my Little Bit volunteer ladies on Saturday and then another dinner at home with my Dutch aunt and uncle last night. Plenty of food (and drink) went down and I'm feeling a little stuffed... 

It is raining outside and there is just not much going on which is just fine on a Monday morning. The kids will be joining the Ultimate Frisbee camp this week in the late afternoon and that is about it.

I will leave you with some pretty pics I took over the last few days. Cheerio!


  1. Oh dear, jullie zouden nu wel een heel grote vogelfamilie krijgen, als er geen geboortebeperking wordt toegepast! Leuke foto's weer Marjan!

  2. How strange, that your birds layed new eggs when they had just hatched the "old" ones... But four more birds in the cage would have been quite crowdy!
    Kram, monica

    1. That's what I was thinking Monica! It is indeed crowded enough in the cage with 6 birdies flying around and the noise they make when they are hungry?! LOUD! ;-)

  3. Aaaaah die Howard en Penny toch! Wat een geweldige foto trouwens van de familie!
    Succes voor de verstandskiezen-patient!


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