Monday, June 4, 2012

Monday Morning Ramblings...

Monday the 4th of June and the beginning of a wet and cool Finals Week. This is always a weird week since I have to pick up the kids from school at the strangest times. Today at 12:40, tomorrow I have Little Bit so I either pick up Miss M.  (Master C. does not have a final tomorrow) at 10:10 am before Little Bit or at 1:15 pm after Little Bit and so on.

This Friday Master C. is supposed to have an end-of-year-party at a classmate's house on a lake but they are only expecting 60 F which is rather chilly for a swim don't you think? Oh well, I'm sure they will have fun just hanging out anyway...

Not too much going on otherwise. Saturday afternoon turned out to be gorgeous with quite a bit of sunshine. I planted all the perennials and annuals I had bought that morning and then I took a few pictures of them of course...

There are no buttons on this bench, I added them with 'PicMonkey'...
Yesterday I was in quite a funky ( read 'very dark') mood and was super grumpy. Mr. G. and I decided to go see a movie: 'Dark Shadows' with Johnny Depp. Now we love both Tim Burton (the producer) and Johnny Depp, but this movie was definitely not worth seeing. I even fell asleep several times! The only good thing was that I was in a much better mood leaving the theater...

In the mean time I am once again considering changing the color in our kitchen, eating area. I don't think it will happen but it is nice just to ponder about some colors. This would be the fourth of fifth time painting this area since we moved in less then four years ago... And yes, I'm even considering some white!  <wink>

And I leave you with a pretty pic of Howard. Since they both have to feed the four babies, mom and dad are now eating like crazy. They love the special 'egg food' I'm making them as a compliment to their regular seed. It consists of two hard boiled eggs including their shells (for extra calcium), some bread crumbs and a tiny bit of oil and some seed. You mash it all up together with a fork and then I put it in a little bowl in the bottom of the cage. They love it!  {smile}


  1. Oohhh, wat een dropje, die Howard!! Enne, zijn die bloemen geen zinnia's? Mooi!! Geweldig om te lezen dat jouw donkere bui verdween na een waardeloze film, zo zie je maar weer! Groetjes!! P.S. Ik heb dus geen link, want het is een familiehuisje... helaas niet van onszelf ;)!

  2. Het weer gaat wel een beetje gelijk op lijkt het wel!
    Lief die Howard en z'n vrouwtje en kinderen :)
    En mooie bloemen heb je gekocht!

  3. I had heard that it was not very good also.....bummer because I love both of them also!!

  4. Back home again and catching upp in your blog!
    Nice pictures as always!
    Kram, Monica


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