Friday, June 8, 2012

Last Day Of School...

Yes indeed, today was the last day of school for the 2011-2012 school year! This means that Master C. is now officially a SENIOR! (and no, not a senior citizen...)  <wink>

Almost three months of summer holidays are in front of us with basically no plans. There will be a cross-country camp next week (for Master C. at least) and both kids will do the Ultimate Frisbee camp the week after. Both camps are on school grounds and only three hours a day.

Master C. will have his wisdom teeth removed (all four at the same time!) the week after and early July we will be celebrating the Fourth of July here in our village with a parade, barbecue with the neighbors etc.

Later in July we will spend a long weekend in Portland, Oregon and then Miss M.'s driving lessons (three times a week for five weeks I believe) will start early August. These lessons are all in the classroom and once a week she will be driving with an insturctor. All her other driving will be with Mr. G. This is very different from Holland where you can only drive with an instructor. I would prefer the latter but ack and alas, that is how it is in The States...

Anyway, just look at this crazy weather we're having!

Tons and tons of heavy showers and some threats of thunderstorms even. The forecast is supposed to improve next week which would be very welcome since this is just awful. Last Tuesday I had all my winter gear on at Little Bit, that is how cold it felt...

Of course, as always, the garden is just thriving and I managed to get some pretty shots in between the showers.

Hope you all have a lovely weekend ahead of you? We're having the school's big year-end Graduation on Sunday so that's where we will be at. Remember Mr. G. is the High School Principal so he has to hand all of the diploma's to all the students and talk with lots of parents and grandparents etc. It is a fun event but also very draining. Everybody is just plain tired and it will nice to switch gears and just take it easy for a while...  {smile}


  1. Ha heeerlijk vakantie, wel nog wat leuke plannetjes maken!mooi die fotoos van de wolken!

  2. It seems like you´re having a nice, lazy summer ahead of you...
    Kram, Monica

  3. Yay for finishing out the school year! Here's to a wonderful summer (and hopefully some sunny weather soon!).

  4. Oh, wat heerlijk dat jullie vakantie nu al begint! Alhoewel... voor jouw Lief zijn de laatste handjes nog niet geschud ;)! Ik wens jullie een heerlijke en zonnige zomer toe, om heel erg van te genieten!! Groetjes!!

  5. Blimey - crazy, crazy weather....same as here if I'm honest. It's June and it feels (and looks) like Winter.

    Happy holidays and congrats to your senior...not pensioner (wink, wink.

    Nina xxx


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