Tuesday, May 1, 2012

And All That Jazz...

So last week we had two performances of the school's Jazz Band in which Master C. plays the lead Electric Bass. They sounded fabulous you guys!  {smile} 

I'm always amazed by these kind of programs that are run by the school and fit in their normal school schedule four times a week! (in Holland you play music (and sports) outside of school)

First a collage of the performance at school and then just a few pictures of their performance at Tula's Jazz Club in downtown Seattle. (it was extremely dark inside and I didn't want to use my flash and blind them all...)
Master C. plays the lead bass. You can see his understudy standing next to him in the top right picture.
Our boss (bottom right) was also playing. He is retiring this year 
and so it was extra fun to have him join the band one last time!



Close-up of a Baritone Saxophone...

--  **  --  **  --

And now for something completely different: how do you like the new design? 
Since I made the previous header especially for Queen's day, I suddenly had the pressure on to make a new one in a very short amount of time and with a deadline even!  Then on Sunday I rediscovered the site of Tack-O-Rama and found all these fun 50's images. They are all in PNG-format which means they have transparent backgrounds and I can layer them above or underneath each other in Photoshop. Great fun to play around with!  {smile}
I then also designed new sidebar buttons (used the 'fish' shaping tool to distort a custom shape for those of you who know what I'm talking about) and the background as well. Pfiew! Quite the creative effort I must say. Hopefully I can live with this one for a while....

Well, Little Bit is beckoning to me once again. We had a whole month off and it is always fun to go back there again and see which new horses have arrived etc. Hopefully it will stay dry because it has been rather chilly over here and the rain wouldn't be helping...


  1. Jazz - my kind of music!
    Kram, monica

  2. Geweldig dat je zoon zo muzikaal is, en leuk om de enthousiaste foto's te zien! Tja, wat de schoolprogramma's betreft, daar kunnen wij hier in Nederland nog wat van leren...! Ik wou maar, dat onze kinderen dit op school gehad hadden, maar helaas is het hier vanwege de bezuinigingen alleen maar minder geworden, jammer hoor! Je banner is weer geweldig leuk, ik krijg meteen zin om ook weer een nieuwe te maken! Lieve groet!!


How wonderful to hear from you!

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