Wednesday, May 23, 2012

Mojo, or Lack Thereof...

Over the weekend the weather did a complete 180 and from bright and sunny days we are now down in the dumps with clouds, lots of rain and it is just plain cold. Bwaaaah!

My creative mojo has gone down the drain as well. I know it won't be for long but right now nothing much is happening. I did design a fun blog header for an old friend of mine though, so I guess there is still some mojo left.  <wink> Once it is complete I will tell you the name of her site...

So, that's all folks! The rain did leave a couple of pretty pics behind: Enjoy!

Hosta leafs...


  1. Oh, my heart is with you, Marjan! I haven't even felt like commenting on my friend's blogs until today:~(

    The warm sunshine a couple of weeks ago energized me and I took lots of photos, but I haven't had time to process them, let alone blog about them :~/

    Then thee past few gray days kind of knocked me out again :~(

    But it looks like there are a couple of sunshiney days in the forecast!!! I hope they find you, too :~)

  2. He bah wat jammer van het weer zeg! Maar na regen komt weer zonneschijn.... ;) Wel heel mooie foto's van de druppels op de hosta!


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