Monday, May 21, 2012

My First University Tour...

Last Saturday we visited Western University in Bellingham, about two hours north from here close to the Canadian border. The weather was glorious with tons of sunshine and not a cloud in the sky. Perfect weather for a guided tour of the campus, a barbecue lunch on the park-like lawn and some strolling around and checking out a few dorm rooms.

Eden Hall, gorgeous views, a dance on the lawn with  a great band and the school's mascot  and somebody with a crocheted viking hat and beard!  <wink>
We met up with two other families from school and then made a split between the parents and the kids so that we wouldn't embarrass them too much.  <wink>

We were so impressed with the kids. They  were in front of the tour group the whole time and even stayed behind to talk to the tour guides (university students) after the tour!
I had never really visited an American University Campus before and I was really impressed with this one. The school is of medium size (15.000 students) and the campus was just gorgeous with lots of greenery and open spaces. The atmosphere was very friendly with a strong sense of community. Master C. could see himself walking around here and so could we!  {smile} 

We spent about 5 hours on campus and were rather exhausted from all the (good!) impressions there.On our way back home we drove via Chuckanut Drive and stopped for some ice-cream and a stroll through lovely Edison, a teeny tiny town and one of my favorites in the area. Just look at it all:

What a day it was, it felt like we were on vacation! A good thing we enjoyed it all as much as we did because that was the end of our beautiful weather streak: it is pouring outside! Great for the garden of course since everything was getting very dry indeed. Miss M. is home with a bad cold so we're keeping each other company. That is just fine with me...  <wink>


  1. I'm so glad that you guys had a great time on the tour. Bellingham is such a cute town!

  2. Hey Marjan, so glad you enjoyed Bellingham, Chuckanut and Edison. Bellingham is a great place to be with so much to offer! Obviously I'm there all the time as we Lyndenites need to do much of our shopping there. Western is a great University too. Almost went there myself, but they didn't offer the course I was going for :( Tons of my friends attended there however...and are all very happy and successful folks today in their late 30's. Bellingham has a great "small town" feel to it, and there are so many wonderful outdoor adventurous things to do and see there. If he ends up there, let me know and I can fill you in on all the great spots YOU would love to end up at when visiting! :) Enjoy the rain, and wishing you a lovely day T. :)

  3. This is a huge step sending one off to college, I have 2 more least he will be in state!

  4. Amazing antique shopping here also....unless they have all closed up?


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