Monday, January 24, 2011


I'm spending a lovely morning trying to figure out this Picasa program. I came across these pictures of last July when M. and I went on a three-hour horseback riding trek near Moab, Utah. That day was rather overcast which was great since it had been 106F over there the day before and we had to wear jeans and boots... (44C!) Three hours of horseback riding was a bit long though: I could hardly get off the horse and I truly had a cowboy gait for the next half hour, not even mentioning the muscle ache for the next two days. M. of course never felt a thing and had a great time. Oh to have a youthful body...

Otherwise this morning I have Lisa Nilsson coming through the loud speakers, have done two loads of laundry, vaccuumed downstairs and have even wet-cleaned the wooden floors! I've also looked up some beet recipes and made a list of things I could sew if I felt like it. (not quite yet, but maybe later) keeping busy as best as I can, anything to not fall into that death trap of a January depression again...

PS How do you like my Signs of Spring photos on the left? I've added a LOMO-effect to them and rounded edges...

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  1. You're doing great with Picasa! And the spring pictures are very interesting and looking good to me.
    Nice collage you've made, it's great.
    I've never been on a horse even though I was brought up ALMOST on a horse farm......those great big no, nothing for me
    You did great after all!

  2. Thanks again Agneta, your positive comments keep me going. How is Princess Leia by the way? Has she recovered from eating all the chocolate?

  3. Your blog looks quite beautiful, although I don't understand the technical part...
    Is it you in the central picture?
    Have a nice monday, here it is eleven o'clock in the evening and I am soon going to bed.
    Good night, Monica

  4. It is my daughter who you see in the middle Monica. I was wearing a helmet (about the only one in the whole company to my big surprise) so I didn't look very 'cool'. ;-)
    I don't quite get all the technical bits in the blogging yet either but it is fun (most of the time) to figure it out... Gott natt!


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