Wednesday, January 19, 2011

Sunshine & Sunglasses...

I still can't believe it but we actually had some sunshine peeking through just now.
A good thing I forced myself outside
(I was in one of those moods)
and took myself for a long walk along the river.

 I came across this awfully cute little lizard in the forest and later I met a black and a white llama, two donkeys and four emu's.
 Several horses were out in the fields as well and I heard a red-tailed hawk's whistle high up in the air.

Afterwards I found just a few
Signs of Spring in the yard...

...and I was even able to sit outside for a bit with the latest Martha Stewart Living issue: not bad at all!


  1. Hej Marjan, heerlijke wandeling en leuke ontmoetingen.
    Leuk je rode pluk!
    Kram Willy

  2. Bedankt Carla, ik ben zooooo down, geen enkele creativiteit te bekennen...

  3. Love the header, it looks great!
    And you do have spring over there, that's not really fair, I can see it in the air and the trees look "springy"
    Take care

  4. What a nice walk in the sunshine along the river!
    I wish I could have gone beside you to see all the animals you saw! Emu, lamas and donkeys, those animals can we see in a zoo and not in the nature! Lucky you!
    And nice to see a picture of you as well!
    Have a nice day/Monica

  5. Marjan you're SUCH a photographer!! Who knew?? :) You truly have a gift. I love your blog.


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