Wednesday, January 26, 2011

Happiness = Polkadots!

Yay, finally a productive day and the sun is shining to boost spirits even more!
Today I made four pillows, fixed two other pillows and made three check book covers and it is only now lunch time. Not bad at all.

I'm going to make myself some lunch now with a slice of that nice bread I baked last week and then I'm off to do some stuff in the garden, looking for more Signs of Spring!

PS Yesterday i bought myself some bulbs (2 daffodils and 1 crocus) and a cute little pot at Home Depot. I also made a fabulous beet, carrot, cabbage, cilantro and tangerine salad that was very colorful and tasty...
My Sewing Mojo is BACK!!! (finally...)


  1. Ziet er allemaal heel fijn uit!

  2. The pillowes look very good! Is it so warm by you, that you can sit outdoors already?
    And what a cute pot you have bought!
    The salad looks so colorful and tasty!
    Have a nice afternoon/Monica

  3. Hej Monica, it is not really warm enough yet to actually sit outside but it got pretty warm when I was doing some weeding! ;-) Very foggy at the moment, but not cold. Maybe I will do some more yard clean-up today... :-)

  4. You're really on top of things, OMG, so many things you've done AND also computer work! The blog looks so nice and your pictures too. It's fun, it's too fun actually. My neck i hurting from the "lace making/tatting" so I won't be long today.....I'm gonna sit down and rest in front of the tv for once...
    Do have a good time weeding, it's so far from that here.....lucky you!


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