Friday, January 14, 2011

A Present...

and back...


 This week I made this hot-bag present for a fellow Little Bit volunteer, her birthday is this Sunday.
We have been working together for nearly three years now and we always have lots of fun together and we can especially laugh about the different fears we have with some horses...
 Happy Birthday Patty!
(I know she reads this blog once in a while...)

On to other news: it looks like our area will get flooded again this weekend.
I just drove on one of our main roads (one that goes out first usually) and the water was right at the side of the road.
Much of the fields are flooded already and with the continuous rain in the forecast it is just bound to happen.
Oh well, we finally have a generator now in case the power goes out and our pantry is always stocked so I think we will survive once again.
Pretty exciting though nevertheless!

Have a great weekend!
 Ours will be spent celebrating our son's
16th birthday!!! (how did that happen???)


  1. Hallo! Nice to here from you again!
    What a charming present you made for your friends birthday! I suppose she has a cat or likes cats?
    I read in your blogg about the water on your roads. Where i USA do you live?
    Here in the south of Sweden we have a lot of snow this year and our street is SO slippery, that I stay indoors!
    Have a nice weekend/Monica

  2. Yes Monica, my friend has two cats, that's why I thought she would like it and she did! ;-) The hot bag is filled with rice. You can heat it up in the microwave and then place it on your tummy or your neck or wherever you feel you need some extra heat. I love those things!
    We live just outside of Seattle and very close to two rivers that have been flooding very badly since we moved here 2 1/2 years ago. Nothing close to our house but the village (and so we too) has been seperated from the outside world several times now...


How wonderful to hear from you!

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