Friday, January 21, 2011


This morning I baked my first loaf of bread EVER and it tasted SO GOOD!!!
It has  buttermilk in it and oats and barley and sunflower seeds, pecans, raisins, dried dates, rhy flour, whole weat flour and lots more super healthy and delicious stuff, but no yeast which made it so tempting for me. (yeast 'scares' me...)

I found the recipe on a Swedish blog,I just have to check which one it was again.
I will translate it for you guys but that will have to wait until later, since I'm off to Little Bit again.
In the pouring rain I might add. The weather is once again truly disgusting. (excusez mes mots...)


  1. Mmmmm,dat recept wil ik wel graag hebben!

  2. En zo makkelijk! Wel zwaar eten hoor... ;-)

  3. Whao, it looks gordious!
    Hugs, Monica


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