Monday, January 17, 2011

More Flooding...

I hope I'm not boring you guys with all these flood pictures but it has been (and still is) truly amazing over here.
All our west-ward routes have been cut-off so we either have to go all the way north or all the way south to get anywhere.
In reality that only means another 10 minutes extra, but that does mean that most of our trips take around 45 minutes one way: no fun!

The river is just about to crest but then it will take days for it to go down to more exceptable levels.
Patience is a virtue!


  1. It is really amazing to see your pictures of the flooding in your neighborhood! I hope that your house is high up, so that the water can't reach it?
    Here we have a lot of water too, and some roads have been closed for traffic. But it is not nearly as much as you have!
    I hope it will go well!

  2. Don't worry Monica, our house is quite far from the flooding and we're not in real danger. It is just a pain to figure out which roads are open and which are still flooded. Thank you for your concern though! :-)
    I see that most of your snow has finally melted: yahoo!


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