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Filmjölkslimpa Recipe...

Foto: Fredrik Sandin Carlson
Färdigt på: 1 tim 
 4.5dl filmjölk            <buttermilk, karnemelk>
 1dl mörk sirap            <dark corn syrup,  ?  >
 1dl vetekross             <wheat oats,tarwe kernen>
 1dl rågkross              <rye oats, rogge kernen>
 1dl havregryn             <oatmeal, havermout>
 2.5dl grovt rågmjöl       <rye flour, roggemeel>
 3dl vetemjöl              <wheat flour, tarwemeel>
 1dl linfrön               <flaxseed,lijnzaad>
 1dl solrosfrön            <sunflower seeds>
  1.5tsk salt              <1 1/2 teaspoon salt>
 1.5tsk bakpulver          <1 1/2 teaspoon baking powder,
 1.5tsk bikarbonat         <1 1/2 teaspoon baking soda,  ?  >
 2tsk brödkryddor          <2 teaspoons bread spices (fennel&
                            anise, brood kruiden venkel & anijs>
 1dl hasselnötter          <hazelnuts>
 1dl torkade fikon         <dried figs, gedroogde vijgen>
 1dl russin                <raisins>

Gör så här

1. Sätt ugnen på 200 grader.  <oven 400F>
2. Blanda filmjölk och sirap i en bunke. <mix the buttermilk and the syrup in a bowl>
3. Skär bort kvisten från fikonen och hacka dem och hasselnötterna grovt, blanda med de torra ingredienserna och filmjölken. <cut of the fig tails, cut the figs and the hazelnuts in small pieces and mix them with the other dry ingredients and the buttermilk mixture>
4. Lägg ett bakplåtspapper i en avlång brödform så att pappret sticker ut över kanterna. <layer parchment paper in the bread pan so that the paper sticks out over the sides>
5. Fyll formen med smet, strö över lite grovt rågmjöl och grädda brödet i cirka 45 minuter. <fill the pan with the dough and add a small amount of rye flour over the top. The loaf goes in the oven for 45 minutes...>

I'm not a 100% certain about all the right terminology but I think you guys can figure it out.
Here are some pictures of the oats and syrup.(sorry, the quality of these pics isn't so great...)

We bought our syrup at Ikea...
Also I didn't use figs but dried dates in my recipe and I also substituted pecans for hazelnuts.
As long as you use the right amounts of everything, I think you will be fine.
Let me know how this recipe worked for you ok?!

PS I found the recipe on this blog:


  1. Dat lijkt me lekker met de smaak van karnemelk. Ziet er wel behoorlijk stevig uit.
    Fijn weekend, lieve groet

  2. Thank's for the bread recipe. I love to bake and I'll try this one. Monica who also comments on your blog has a marvellouly good recipe on a similar bread which I make all the time.
    The first bread ever that you made looks sooo gooood! You'll be a great baker! New career.
    I use different programs for may pics but I definitely have two favorites and they are:
    1. PhotoScape which you can load down from the net for free. It's very easy to use and have quite a few options to work with the pics.
    2. Picasa 3 is another one that a favour a lot. I don't know whether it came with my computer or if it's OK to load from the net.
    Those two are my favourites and I use them crosswise sometimes, both easy and quick!
    Good luck!
    Nice weekend to you!

  3. Now I have printed out the recipe from the original blogg, it was easier to read with black letters instead of your grey...
    It is, like Agneta just said, very similar to a bread, that I use to bake, but you have more nuts and seeds in your and I will surely try it!
    Thank you!
    Have a nice saturday evening!

  4. It is a very heavy bread though guys. I jsut weighed it and it came to 3 pounds!!! I've cut it into slices and put some in the freezer. Very yummie! :-)
    Thanks for the info on your photo programs Agneta. Via our school (my husband wroks there) we've just uploaded Adobe Photoshop. I'll give it a go, but I've heard it is rather complicated...


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