Thursday, January 20, 2011

Inspiration, or lack there of... (off?)

I've been finding myself in state of lacking inspiration lately.
Before X-mas I was super busy in my head, sometimes working on five projects at a time, but now not so much.
Fortunately I just came across this , for me new, website called Pinterest (

I'm not quite sure yet how it works exactly but I think people can sort of make inspirational design walls on line to share with everyone and anyone.
I have to spend a bit more time on it but it looks like a good place to come up with new stuff!
Here are a few random things that I borrowed from there:

I especially liked this saying below.
I think we could all do with this 'lesson'...
(I do anyway)


  1. Hoi Marjan, dat heet de januari-dip. Ik heb daar ook een beetje last van......afgelopen maandag was zelfs blue-monday. Zonder dit te weten was het voor ons echt een bad day. Later lazen we erover, dat was wel apart. Uitzien naar het voorjaar! Iedere zonnestraal is er een en geeft echt lekker veel energie. Prettig weekend!!! met de zon natuurlijk, groetjes, LINDA

  2. The last saying and the knitting was super! Have to check the site later.
    I'm so busy with my handicraft. However I think what I do is called "making lace" and tatting is what we call "frivoliteter", it's somthing that you do with a very tiny little thing you hold in your hand . absolutely unbelievable how you can make anything out of that. When I compare my lace making is EASY.....
    Do have a good day!

  3. Forgot to ask, which is your native language, is it Dutch?
    Aggie again

  4. The size of the knitting-needles is unbeleavable!
    It must be hard to use such thick ones...
    Have e nice weekend/Monica

  5. Today I'm going to look for larger knitting needles. I'm not a knitter but would like to give it a try. Maybe with larger kneedles it will go quicker, which is my major problem with knitting. I like to have quick results! :-)

    And yes Aggie, Dutch is my native tongue! I'll have to check on the tatting and the lace making thing. I thought that was the same thing but I guess not... ;-) And oh yes, please advice me on what photo software you use PLEASE...


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