Sunday, January 16, 2011

Sunday Afternoon...

Wow, look at these temperatures!
Definitely a Sign of Spring isn't it?
First I did some major cleaning in both the linen and the games/puzzles cupboards, some reading and a nap in between and then a wonderful hour outside in the yard where I did some weeding, and snipping and just plain enjoying the balmy fresh air.
I noticed several plants coming back to life already, another Sign of Spring!
(and dirt underneath my finger nails)

Now I'm back inside (4:45pm and it is dark) and I'm enjoying this (see below)
and why not?
 No school tomorrow since it is Martin Luther King Day and with all these nice temps I actually felt like having
a summery drink...



  1. Wow, 15 graden??zag ik dat goed?

  2. Sunday afternoons are booring without a G&T. Hope you enjoyed (them....!!!).

  3. It really sounds wonderful with 15 degrees and some gardening! Here we have 3-4 degrees today and all the snow is slowly disappearing.
    G&T are never wrong!
    Have a nice week/Monica

  4. Yes, the G&T tasted very good, as did the second one... ;-)


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