Sunday, January 2, 2011


Just took a wonderful walk in the cold while the sun was setting. Here are some impressions:



Mt. Raineer, a real volcano!


Just before we left for our walk, daughter M. made some fun pics of Olive, our 10 yr old lab...


  1. It's so beautiful in the surroundings where you live and Mt Raineer looks so impressive.
    Dog is cute.
    Hugs Aggie

  2. Wow,mooie foto's en wat lacht Olive leuk op de laatste foto!

  3. Hej hej Marianne, prachtige foto's van de omgeving. Die laatste foto is grappig.
    Kram Willy

  4. Hi Agneta, Carla and Willy, thank you so much for your comments!!! Now that I'm actually writing a blog myself I realize how much fun it is to receive some! Agneta and Willy,; I tried to comment on your posts yesterday but it didn't work. I am reading your posts every day though! ;-)
    And yes, Mount Raineer is an active volcano although it has been (I don't know how many) years since anything happened. Mt. St. Helens is right next door to him and she blew about 30 years ago! Scary stuff!

  5. Hi again and thanks for your comment on the daylight and the wine. The daylight is gone as you so correctly presumed but it's OK for the wine so I think I'll go for that! Good idea, thank you!

    And, do I remember Mt St Helens, yes! Our best friende (Americans) live in Oregon and we were there with them in Portland at the time (now they are separated and live in Portland AND Bend) and their car was all covered in was amazing to see!

    Somewhere I have a box with pictures of the whole procedure that Carol and Jerry sent us after we got back home.

    Good that you can comment again, I'm so happy when you do that!

    Hugs from Aggie

  6. Hej Agneta, I remember seeing all that on the news as I was still in school at the time in The Netherlands. My husband was here though and he also remembers all the dust everywhere. Pretty scary thought those volcanoes so close to us but in reality they'll probably won't go off in our lifetimes again. (we can only hope!)
    Enjoy your wine and I think I'm going to have some breakfast! ;-)

  7. Hi,
    Wow, Mount Raineer! This must be the one and only mount R. In Alaska.. Once I was there, and it was so tempting to climb the mountain. But you know what? I got a severe cold and couldn't come with the others. Have you been there, on the top?

  8. Sorry Josien but Mt. Raineer is right in our backyard which is to say, about a 3 to 4 hour drive from here. We live in Washington State so not in Alaska. And no, I have not climbed it but we have been up to Paradise, a little town about half way up...
    Did you see my note I wrote to you a couple of days ago?


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