Wednesday, January 12, 2011

What a mess...

Well, we had tons of snow coming down last night, but whilst sleeping I noticed that the temperatures were going up instead of down.
 (we have one of those cool clocks that projects both the time and the outside temperature on our ceiling)

At 3am I woke up to rain coming down on our skylights.

At 5am we received the call from school that we wouldn't start until 9:30 so that was a nice sleep-in for our kids. (and husband!)

The local schools somehow decided to close down for the day, but since my kids don't go to the local school, they had to leave about half an hour ago, all grumpy about that of course.

The roads are only super slushy on the side streets, the main roads are just fine.
The local school district is now probably wondering why they closed down for the day.
 The bad thing for them is that they will have to make up this missed school day at the end of the school year!

In the mean time I'm enjoying the morning still in my pj's.
What shall I do today?
Unfortunately M. forgot her Basketball uniform for the photo shoot today so I will have to drop that by later this afternoon and then wait for an hour until she is done with her practice.
Such is life...

I'll leave you with two pictures that G. took of a bald eagle that he spotted on his walk a couple of days ago.
 Well, whatdoyouknow?
I can't find them!

Instead I'll show you a golden oldie from 1999 from our house in Sri Lanka.
G. is mowing the grass there in tall boots because of all the nasty biting ants (and snakes!) we had lurking around!
Yes, it was a very nice looking house, but remember, we had NO AIRCONDITIONING!!! (and we went days without power, but I might leave that for another post)


  1. The snow looks terrible. Too bad about the rain.
    The Sri Lankan house looks very very nice. Too bad about the snakes though.
    Nighty night night

  2. It is absolutely awful Agneta. It has been raining for hours and hours and the clouds are coming down to earth closer and closer. Totally depressing... I'm just laying on the couch watching tv, don't feel like doing anything. Have to go out though to drop of the basketball shirt etc.... BLEEEEH! ;-)

  3. Hoi Marjan,

    Om 5 uur gewekt worden door school.....brr, zoiets komt hier niet voor....dat is ja nog midden in de nacht....Hier is het weer ook niks, hele dag al regen. Ben toch gaan lopen en dat was best te doen. Verder weinig nieuws te melden, hopelijk is het voor jullie vandaag een betere dag!!!!
    groetjes, LINDA

  4. 6 dagen regen in het vooruitzicht Linda, ik denk dat De Lamp dat niet aankan. Gisteren was een zware dag. Hopelijk wordt het vandaag inderdaad beter in m'n hoofd...


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