Friday, January 28, 2011

Pillow Talk...

Two more pillows for my stash. For now they will go in the TV room but they would fit perfectly outside as well of course with the ones I made a couple of days ago. Trying to add some 'cooler' colors to my very 'warm' interior...

Bit of a dull day today. My Little Bit lesson was cancelled for me (the therapist was out), it is misting outside and C. is all the way down south (4 hours drive) at a Jazz Festival Competition with the school's Jazz Band. It is very cool of course that the kids have such opportunities, but it always feels empty when one of our cozy four is missing... He should be back sometime tonight though!

No plans for the weekend which is a bit strange, but that leaves us open for lots of possibillities. Maybe we'll go into Seattle, we haven't been for months! Fremont has lots of fun little shops, I just have to get to know them a bit better. I'll let you know if I've found any worth mentioning!
News update: The Jazz Band made it through to the finals and now have to perform at 8pm as well. Predicted arrival time: 1:30am! 
I know what C. will do all day tomorrow: SLEEP!
Poor G., he has to pick him up from school....


  1. Hej hej Marjan, leuke kussentjes.
    Lange dag voor C., maar wel leuk dat ze door zijn naar de finale.
    Fijn weekend, liefs

  2. Hello Marjan! I´m glad you liked my photo! I used a program called Picnik...

    ...and a technique called focal zoom to make the picture! It´s easy, try It!

    I wish you a lovely day!

    Hugs from aka

  3. Aha, I do have Picnic but only since a couple of days so I hadn't gotten around to the focal zoom yet! I also have started using PhotoScape which has been awesome. Agneta from Snacksalsdalen told me about it. I love this blogging! :-)


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