Monday, January 10, 2011


I don't know why but I've always loved fonts, alphabets etc.
Now I'm trying to get some of that love for  typography translated into  embroidery. 
This is a lyric from the movie
"Les Choristes".
When I'm alone in the car I sing along 'en voix haut', and boy, do those boys sing high! ;-)

Originally I was going to put this text in a frame but it was such a fidgety job that I decided to just keep it 'au naturel' (to throw in another French term) and just stick it to the wall with some tacks.
The grey fabric frame used to be the already finished bottom of the curtains you see hanging there.
I love the simpleness of this little project...


  1. Thanks Agneta. I thougt it was pretty cute myself. ;-)
    I'm now thinking of something larger with a Thomas Ledin text...


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