Moroccan Stew...

Mmmmmm, the whole house smells like this Moroccan Stew that has been simmering in the crock-pot for 6 1/2 hours now. It is a new recipe for me and I had to adapt it a bit since I didn't have all the right ingredients at home. Instead of carrots I added zucchinis (courgettes) and I also added a can of garbanzo beans (kikker erwten). You have to sneek those beans in wherever you can, otherwise the kids would probably not want to eat them. They do love dad's Dutch pea soup though! (erwtensoep) Also in there are chicken pieces, onions,  dried prunes and currants (krenten), garlic & ginger and cinnamon and cumin powder.
I will serve the stew over a bed of cous-cous: Mmmmm! *v*  (that is supposed to be a smiley face...) I'll let you know how it tasted!


  1. Dat kan alleen maar gesmaakt hebben !

  2. En dat deed het ook! :-) Bedankt voor je berichtje!

  3. Hoi Photo-Copy, ik keek net je blog nog eens na (ik had 'm al een paar keer gelezen via mijn zusjes blog (Pikestreet) en ik zie dat jij een serieuze foodie bent! Ook moest ik erg lachen om die fijne uitdrukking van je moeder: bak nooit spek in uwen bloten! laugh out loud funny...

  4. that looks amazing, marjan! definitely soup weather these days...

  5. Man, the weather is just disgusting isn't it? I have to go out now for a meeting at school, but Yuk! I'd rather stay in all day...
    How are things with you? Better now that the new year has started? (if it was only that easy...)

  6. Got it Joanna, I'm still in shock...


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