Yay! I've just spent only a couple of minutes on Photoscape (another FREE photo editing program) and look what I came up with!  This promises good things for the future!
The only bad thing is that I am now spending way too much time behind the computer and my right arm is getting sore. A good thing that I have to go to Little Bit again today, a forced break from the computer... (and from Blogging, it is sooo addictive!)

PS The main photo is of our first delivery from Full Circle Farm with lots of yummie organic food. G. and I have really enjoyed all the unfamiliar (and familiar) veggies in there. The kids not so much, but they're old enough now to realize they can eat anything  we put on their plates and will not die from it...


  1. Ziet er goed uit, ga iik ook eens proberen!


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