I was just checking the traffic cams in our area and this is what I found:
both pictures are taken on either end of the Valley so the top one is on the west side of the Valley and the bottom one is of that same road but then on the east side of the Valley.
I don't foresee us using that road
anytime soon!
We do have to go west though several times today so it will be another adventure to get there...


  1. Oh, my God!!! You have a lot of water there, I can see! We have melting snow here as well, but not (yet) as much as you have...

  2. OMG. You too have so much water. It seems like Mother Earth is being flooded. We have streams everywhere around us full of water but as we live on a hllside it doesn't worry us or our house but it is a problem for others and I feel sorry for them


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