Thursday, January 19, 2012

Snowy Nights...

Yes, I can hardly believe it either, but it is still snowing! 

We had a huge amount of ice coming down until about 2pm or so and it has been snowing ever since. It is beautiful outside but oh so dangerous. Over 200.000 households are without power, trees are snapping like matchsticks all over the place. Gas stations are without gas, grocery stores are running on empty and the Governor has declared a State of Emergency. This is not fun anymore!

These guys are leaning quite precariously over our shed and there is an even bigger one in our neighbor's yard that seems to be tipping as well. When I was taking these pictures just now I kept on hearing these eerie sounds coming out of the trees... Hopefully we won't wake up with one of those trees on our roof!

Inside it is nice and cozy (since our power is still on) and my newly painted table and chairs are looking just lovely in the icy light...

I made these simple  place-mats to keep the table safe from scratches...

And I couldn't resist showing you another little birdie picture:

I've started my 'Beyond Layers' class for real today and I've added a page at the top of this blog for you to  follow my progress. Go and have a look if you want, there are several beauties in there already!  {smile}


  1. Prachtige fotos!!!

    Ik duim voor jullie dat de bomen blijven staan!!!!! Voorlopig geen school neem ik aan.

  2. It looks very pretty in your pictures, but I understand that it is not so nice IRL!
    I hope that you get to keep the power on...and that no trees falls over your house!
    Have a nice weekend!
    Kram, Monica


How wonderful to hear from you!

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