Saturday, January 21, 2012

30 Very Long Hours...

Yes, the power, internet, tv cable and heat are back on!!!! 

That was pretty darn awful but we've made it through. This was the first time we got to try out our generator and it worked like a charm. No heat though so we walked around in several layers of clothes with winter hats and gloves on in the house. We had enough power to keep the fridge going and one lamp or so. We did have warm water (showers!) and a gas stove so we could heat things up.

At least most of the roads are back open (still a few trees down) and we should hopefully start a normal week again on Monday. We passed a whole group of electricity workers' trucks in our town all the way from Colorado!

Bah, it was just plain yukkie and I feel rather exhausted from it all. I think I'm going to take a little nap now under my heated blanket that now works again...  <wink>


  1. I can understand that it was nervous hours before you got the power back!
    Good that you have!
    I hope you get to keep it now!
    Kram, Monica

  2. It seems so strange that having the power off is life threatening. Here we just get really hot and have a swim. Glad you are all okay and toasty warm again!

  3. Gosh a chilly time you are having. I'm glad your power is back on! Keep warm :)

    The web design course I am doing has covered HTML and Dreamweaver. Next week I start CSS which should help with changing things in Blogger.

    Sam xx

  4. Wow you did go a while...we have had a lot of power outages up here this winter also......Love the new look!!

  5. Fijn dat alles weer werkt! Dan pas merk je hoe afhankelijk je bent van stroom! Maakt je denk ik toch 'uneasy'... of valt dat wel mee? Fijne warme zondag gewenst!

  6. We're very dependant on modernities (?) like power. Maybe that's why I wanted to build a real oldfashion stockhouse with stoves and water in a well......Kram

  7. Hoi, mail doet het nog niet.
    heb je voor mij een tutorial over hoe je een button installeert? Ik zie er alleen maar over een button van je eigen blog maar niet als je wilt verwijzen. Heb je gekeken naar je spaminstellingen?

  8. Glad to hear that you got the power back. Times like this really reminds you of how much you need it. :)


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